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Taylah and Sym – Back in the Game!!

Things have been super busy with work and competitions. I started two new jobs early September, they are both my dream jobs, working casual positions with one riding beautiful home bred performance horses and the other at a race horse spelling, breeding, pre training and re training property in Berry. Learning about the breeding program and being involved with the foal work is something I have never done and love learning about. I am also lucky enough to be riding the gorgeous pre trainers and the re trainers.



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Andrea is taking out Dressage all over the place!

One of my coaches used to tell me that it was always better to ride a test bravely aiming for the 8’s and 9’s even if it sometimes meant that you had a mistake and got 3’s or 4’s as well. My most recent equine adventure could be summarised by this sentiment, albeit accidentally.



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Pony Club NSW State Titles with Tayhla Vuleta

PCANSW State Championships was Symmetry’s and my first major competition together and I could be happier with how we performed. We started with Show Riding on the Monday and Tuesday with placing in the top 8 in the rider class out of 72 riders. I was so proud of how Sym took in the atmosphere like she had done it for years.



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Jessie Smith – Keeping busy!! Getting Results!

It’s been a REALLY busy month for us!! It started with a dressage competition down at Moonta, where we competed in Preliminary dressage and presented our first freestyle to music. We didn’t score as well as we would have liked in the prelim, but we managed to snag second in the freestyle.



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5am – The time that a Dressage Rider generally starts the day!! Andrea Parker Update

5am always arrives early, particularly if like me you are not a morning person. However, over the last few weekends I have had the opportunity to observe the phenomenon that launches equestrians out of bed at the crack of dawn for a competition or lesson when on any other morning they would be hitting the snooze button multiple times pretending that they don’t have to start the day.

 IMG_6835 (2)

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