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Andrea is taking out Dressage all over the place!

One of my coaches used to tell me that it was always better to ride a test bravely aiming for the 8’s and 9’s even if it sometimes meant that you had a mistake and got 3’s or 4’s as well. My most recent equine adventure could be summarised by this sentiment, albeit accidentally.



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Welcome to the Team Cameron Dignam!!

When 15 year old Cami kept hanging around Tayhla and we kept seeing her time after time at shows with a fantastic attitude and improvement everywhere she went, I asked her if she would like to be involved in our Catalogue shoot.  What she didn’t know is that I had planned to ask her to come on board with Wilson Equestrian as our 4th Team Rider.  She was stoked!!

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Welcome to the Team Tayhla Vuleta!!

We would like to welcome Tayhla Vuleta to our Wilson Equestrian Team!

3 of our Team Riders, Tayhla, Cami and Rohini feature in our 2014/2015 Catalogue photoshoot and we are so happy to have them on board. They are fantastic ambassadors for the Wilson Equestrian Brand.

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Welcome to the Team Rohini Crombie!!

When we were first thinking about the type of person that we wanted to be a Team Rider for Wilson Equestrian I thought about Rohini. She is a little more ‘mature’ but has been around horses for a long time, she loves to match her product and she would give me accurate feedback on how a product is to ride in wear, durability and overall style. Continue reading

Just a cool blog post with Images

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