Its a ‘Real Equestrian’ normal person thing! with Katherine de la Lune

Katherine is a ‘Real Equestrian’ We are loving her this is real life attitude about her riding and we are sure you will too!

I’m Katherine, and I’m the give-stuff-a-go rider. I have a 14yo Thoroughbred, Darcy, who has Views on most things, and I ride for fun. We do Adult Riders, a bit of dressage, a bit of jumping. I don’t take the competition stuff too seriously! I ride because it makes me happy – what better reason is there?


It’s ten days to my next dressage competition. And ten days doesn’t seem like a lot, especially considering I’ve ridden about four times in the last month. I meant to ride more, honest… but what with the choke, and the complications following choke, and the antibiotics, and then the alleged abscess… well, it’s not been a productive month.


Anyhoo, Darcy seems to be sound again (fingers tightly crossed), so we’re in dressage training. Yay?
September 15th is Crystals in Kellerberrin. This will be our third stab at this event.

The first time, about four years ago, Darcy lost his mind and we rode the tensest, giraffiest three tests ever seen by man.


The next year, he decided that the right side of the arena was lava The floor is Lava

(too close to scary marquees) and we rode our tests on a 10 x 60m arena, and added in a few bonus 5m circles to keep the judge entertained.

We won the Encouragement Award!

(aka the Wooden Spoon for Glorious Feats of Suckage)
So on the plus side, we’ve set the bar pretty low. Improving on previous efforts should be an achievable task! To be honest, the most stressful aspect is plaiting up. Presentation is definitely not my strength. I don’t know if I’ve worked out what my strength actually is, but it ain’t presentation.


In October, we’re trying our first Freestyle at the ARCA Spring Challenge. I have a song and costume idea – haven’t started shaping my routine yet, but I assume I can sort that out the day before, no probs.
Following a recent clinic, my training focus is on FORWARD. “It’s a Thoroughbred – make it run!” shouted the instructor as Darcy plodded laboriously around the arena. With enough verbal cattle prods applied to both of us, we managed to produce Working Trot and Canter that looked like we were actually working. I need to grit my teeth, flap my legs like a pony clubber on a fat pony, and make poor tortured Darcy MOVE.


Easier said than done…


An Intro to Eventing at 95cm with Mia Gigliotti

An Intro to Eventing.

So excited to have successfully finished my first EVA 95 at The Sydney Eventing Spring Classic this weekend !


Mia is wearing the Wilson Equestrian Navy Show Jacket – Currently Sold out, but new stock arriving soon.

First off the dressage test which I was a little nervous about, especially since Doll has been a bit difficult lately but after I saw some friendly faces I got super relaxed and my test felt so amazing and I couldn’t be more happy with Doll.


Afterwards I had X country and honestly, I have never more nervous for something, but I had my closest friends with me to calm me down. I was very worried about the mud and how slippery it was going to be but I took it slow and steady, which helped me catch my breath and we ended up clear ! But a little slow, which was ok considering it was raining. And lastly we had Showjumping which I was super excited about, especially after walking my nice, flowing course. Doll was amazing in the warm up, then jumped a super clear round !!


All around it was a really great weekend, really thankful to spend it with such amazing, supportive friends and now mum and I can relax.

Just another Amateur Horse Rider…

Just another Amateur Horse Rider


My name is Fiona De La Mezzo. I am 34 years old and in between being a mum and working full time. I also ride and compete in show jumping.


When I thought of starting this blog, my immediate thoughts were pretty self-deprecating. “I’m not special”.  “Who cares what I have to say”. “There are so many people who could do this better than me”. But you know what? I decided that because of my self-doubt, I’d give this a crack.


I won’t be representing the hard working professional riders who make everything seem effortless. Again, I also won’t be representing the cashed up glamorous riders who step out from their massive horse trucks looking ready to hit the catwalk.



No, in this blog I intend to represent mediocrity. I will talk from the perspective of a mum who was doing a course walk holding her baby when the baby had a massive Diarrhoea explosion. (And whilst I had a spare of everything for my daughter, I did not think to pack a spare riding shirt or breeches for myself).


I’ll talk from the perspective of someone who rocks up to their “normal” non-horsey job and no matter how hard they try, still manage to bring something from the stable along (mud, chaff, horse hair). Then i’ll talk from the perspective of someone who’s life is not designed for equestrian success, but choose to persevere anyway. (not because they expect to reach greatness but because they cannot imagine life without horses).

Check out the Wilson Equestrian Tallow Breeches for Super Comfort whilst Riding

Going back to where it all started. I began riding at 10 years old at the local riding school Forest Park. I am pretty sure my non-horsey parents thought this would be a phase. The joke was definitely on them! I am not sure exactly when I knew that this was “my” thing, but safe to say I became horse obsessed quickly.


After begging for my own horse for 4 years, my parents finally relented and bought me a $600 horse called Sweetie. I went on to attend pony club, dressage and show jumping comps, but it was the show jumping that stuck.


Flash forward to today, I currently own an 8yr old WB mare called Narnia. She is small at 15.1hh, but as someone who is 5 foot nothing I cannot hold this against her. I bought her cheap as a 4 year old who used to toss her head constantly. She was hot and extremely sensitive. However, with lots of time, patience, and a few unfortunate face plants I am relieved to say we have a good partnership and these traits are behind us.



We are hoping to start competing her in Amateur classes (which are about 1.20m) later this month. And i’ll be trying to not make an ass out of myself!


Until next time!

A shared journey with Michelle Lawrence and MCL Lorenzo

I’d like to introduce to you all my next well justified Equine Bowen sponsored horse MCL Lorenzo.


MCL Lorenzo is my own horse and I feel he truly reflects my own work. He is a 2.5 yo pure bred Lusitano gelding. I purchased him at 6 months old from Mystery Creek Lusitanos Ltd. He stayed hanging out with his brothers and sisters till he was 2yo. I was fortunate to go to Equestrian college with Jo Bard his breeder in the UK and followed her breeding program in NZ when she moved. Knowing her incredible horsemanship and breeding eye and knowledge of the breed, I was very confident in my purchase of Lorenzo and leaving him in her care to mature as a youngster with other horses.

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Andrea Parker – 2017 (A little late update)

2017 ended in a whirl of Christmas shopping, end of year parties and of course plenty of saddle time.

On the last Friday of Novemeber we competed once again in the Equimind online dressage competition. We completed in both the elementary and medium tests. This was particularly exciting as it was the first month that Equimind has run the medium classes. We managed to score 69.8% in the elementary test and 61.2% in the medium. We also got some really great feedback on these tests. The judge commented on Nonie’s ‘lovely cadence’ but that she needed to show more displacement in the lateral work. We were once again visited by Dani Keogh. We had two fantastic lessons where we worked on improving the wrap in the halfpass in both canter and trot.

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