Confessions of the Ultimate Eventing Junkie…

Hello my name is Kate and I have a confession – I am an eventing junkie.

Yep – utterly addicted, such that I frequently leave household chores unfinished while attending to more
pressing matters such as following the Event Rider Masters over in Europe, or getting sucked
into the time wasting vortex of Pinterest (looking for DIY hacks to try and save pennies!).

I am (oh man – this can’t be true) a middle aged, grey haired mother of 3 (got asked if I was their
grandmother recently). I have a husband (who puts up with me), a very devoted but stupid
border collie, a cat, 5 chickens, 1 horse and 2 ponies with less time than I need to achieve all I
want to in this amazing journey called life.


My roles in life in no particular order are; parenting, working part time, being on several
committees (all horse related of course), playing netball and trying to maintain a vege patch –
and avoiding housework!

I am also trying to detox from my addiction to op shopping – there’s a terrific Salvo’s opposite my
work, and it is full of terrific bargains – again – trying to save pennies – whose bright idea was it to
encourage my daughters to ride horses?

I have a 16.2hh TB who I try to convince to enjoy eventing as much as I do. Frankly I think he’d
just rather eat all day. He’s a stunning horse (in my humble opinion) with a few personality
quirks, and he is for sale, since we’ve just found out that my son needs braces.

My family come from New Zealand – my sister and I were both pony mad and drove our parents
mad begging for a horse – they eventually relented – with them buying my first pony when I was
15 – and I then had to work after school and weekends babysitting and cleaning houses to pay
for all those things horsey related. It certainly taught me the value of the dollar, as well as a
sense of responsibility.

I moved to Canberra in 1996 with my husband, and we really enjoy being here. Canberra is a
great place for having a horse (apart from the really cold winter mornings and hot summers).
I hope you all enjoy reading my blog – and will follow all the adventures I seem to find myself
having – I’m the first to find the situations I get myself into very amusing!

One of my best ideas was to get my daughters into riding – or so I thought. For example last
week, we saddled up (well let’s be honest – I saddled two and Abby saddled her pony) we got
on, and the girls wanted to do some jumping. I ended up getting off and adjusting jumps and
once they’d had enough they wanted to get off (fair enough – it was about 35C) but I’d barely
had my bum in the saddle for 10 minutes! There are times when I do get to ride for a decent
amount of time though – recently we have enjoyed several rides up to the arboretum here in
Canberra. It takes roughly 40 minutes to ride to the lookout, and the views are amazing.


These school holidays seem to have been going on forever, probably because it’s been so hot –
but we are very lucky to have amazing neighbours who don’t seem to mind us putting a gate in
the fence and us basically treating the pool as our own.

This last week has been pretty hectic with the Bungendore show on Sunday, then a day trip to
the river for some water skiing (I’ve decided my girls are living my dream childhood). I’ve even
managed to get up early and ride before work – which was great until I realised that the shower
at work is out of order so I had to share the lovely aroma of horses with my colleagues!

Within the next few days I need to get myself out of holiday mode, get the school stationery
sorted out, get the school uniforms out and make sure they all fit, as well as get things
happening for the upcoming event here in Canberra of which I am event organiser of…. So if
anyone reading this is local – look out – I’m most likely to be asking you to come along to a
working bee soon!

I’m heading up to Wallaby Hill Extravaganza on the 10th of Feb – sadly I won’t be riding – but I
will be there lending a hand – I have self diagnosed compulsive volunteer syndrome.

Until next time, keep cool, well hydrated, take a breath and appreciate all the good things we
have in life!



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