Back to the Giant 60cm Eventing after 4 years!!

Yes, you heard correctly…. We are Eventing…

The Owner of Wilson Equestrian – who i’m sure have something in your head must be an amazing rider, with amazing horses and do amazing things with them!! (I know I like to think of all those things about people who own Horsey Business’s)


What I do actually have an amazing horse though… Her name is Ruby. She is a Thoroughbred. And she is the ripe age of 18. I bought her when she was 10. Do you know what I love most about Ruby? That she keeps me safe!  I’ll use my Jump Training from the other day as the perfect example.  The other day I thought ‘SHIT! I better get my ass in to gear! I’ve entered Berrima ODE, just had a week in Bali and now its on THIS WEEKEND!! I better jump!’

So, I pulled out the Show Jumps at home and made myself a teeny tiny little course. (What you need to know is that I haven’t done an ODE in over 4 years. Instead I went and popped out two good looking little boys who now keep me on my toes and take up ALOT of my time so I don’t get to ride nearly as much as I used to).


AND, we jumped! By jump, I mean I pointed Ruby at jumps and she popped over them with the enthusiasm of an 18 year  old been there done that Horse who knows exactly whats up and that 60cm is simply a walk in the park. Did I mention I love Ruby???


But then… I got a little cocky…  I put a Barrel under a Jump. (Raising it to a hair raising 85cm :\) It was about the time I was somewhere in the air and then landed on Rubys neck that I remembered. Ruby hasn’t jumped a Barrel in about 6 years…  But all due credit to her, she literally put her head in the air, stopped, and let me get my ass from sitting on her neck to back in the saddle!!


T’was was about then that I did two small jumps and I called it a day.  Immediately messaging my Trainer Christan Trainor and begging for a Cross Country Lesson later in the week.

And a Cross Country lesson I had!

Firstly we popped over a few Jumps. Keeping in mind Ruby had never been to this place, and its only the 3rd time she has been off our property in 2 years. She did it like a Pro. Not a single FiretrUCK was given.(Did I mention I love this horse)



Then it was out to pop some Cross Country Logs, I mean I guess we really should if i’m going to have to haul my ass around Berrima and try to not be absolutely pooped!

Logs. No worries. 2 Logs in a row. Easy peasy. 3 Logs in a pile (just let the horse do her job Talina, she knows what she’s doing) and finally… BARRELS… Of course after our Cat Leap earlier in the week I was crapping…

Ruby… Comes in to the Barrels, two strides out and she feels amazing. We nailed the distance. She didn’t have a care in the world. Except now she was pulling me along because she remembered she really likes Cross Country and that we should do that again cause its fffuuuunn!…

And of course, now the Event is TOMORROW.. I’m nervous, i’m excited, i’m going to be the one hyperventilating in the corner somewhere. But on the plus side i’m not worried about Dressage! haha

Its the easiest flowing test ever! I just have to remember to not stop at X on the entry and then track right. The rest will come!

And I have a few things that will be going through my mind when we do get to Show Jump on Saturday and then Cross Country on Sunday…

Eyes up

Don’t pinch with your knees

Let Ruby do what she knows how to do

Sing Twinkle Twinkle little star (no really, it helps with breathing and gets you in to a really good rhythm)


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