Its a ‘Real Equestrian’ normal person thing! with Katherine de la Lune

Katherine is a ‘Real Equestrian’ We are loving her this is real life attitude about her riding and we are sure you will too!

I’m Katherine, and I’m the give-stuff-a-go rider. I have a 14yo Thoroughbred, Darcy, who has Views on most things, and I ride for fun. We do Adult Riders, a bit of dressage, a bit of jumping. I don’t take the competition stuff too seriously! I ride because it makes me happy – what better reason is there?


It’s ten days to my next dressage competition. And ten days doesn’t seem like a lot, especially considering I’ve ridden about four times in the last month. I meant to ride more, honest… but what with the choke, and the complications following choke, and the antibiotics, and then the alleged abscess… well, it’s not been a productive month.


Anyhoo, Darcy seems to be sound again (fingers tightly crossed), so we’re in dressage training. Yay?
September 15th is Crystals in Kellerberrin. This will be our third stab at this event.

The first time, about four years ago, Darcy lost his mind and we rode the tensest, giraffiest three tests ever seen by man.


The next year, he decided that the right side of the arena was lava The floor is Lava

(too close to scary marquees) and we rode our tests on a 10 x 60m arena, and added in a few bonus 5m circles to keep the judge entertained.

We won the Encouragement Award!

(aka the Wooden Spoon for Glorious Feats of Suckage)
So on the plus side, we’ve set the bar pretty low. Improving on previous efforts should be an achievable task! To be honest, the most stressful aspect is plaiting up. Presentation is definitely not my strength. I don’t know if I’ve worked out what my strength actually is, but it ain’t presentation.


In October, we’re trying our first Freestyle at the ARCA Spring Challenge. I have a song and costume idea – haven’t started shaping my routine yet, but I assume I can sort that out the day before, no probs.
Following a recent clinic, my training focus is on FORWARD. “It’s a Thoroughbred – make it run!” shouted the instructor as Darcy plodded laboriously around the arena. With enough verbal cattle prods applied to both of us, we managed to produce Working Trot and Canter that looked like we were actually working. I need to grit my teeth, flap my legs like a pony clubber on a fat pony, and make poor tortured Darcy MOVE.


Easier said than done…


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