A shared journey with Michelle Lawrence and MCL Lorenzo

I’d like to introduce to you all my next well justified Equine Bowen sponsored horse MCL Lorenzo.


MCL Lorenzo is my own horse and I feel he truly reflects my own work. He is a 2.5 yo pure bred Lusitano gelding. I purchased him at 6 months old from Mystery Creek Lusitanos Ltd. He stayed hanging out with his brothers and sisters till he was 2yo. I was fortunate to go to Equestrian college with Jo Bard his breeder in the UK and followed her breeding program in NZ when she moved. Knowing her incredible horsemanship and breeding eye and knowledge of the breed, I was very confident in my purchase of Lorenzo and leaving him in her care to mature as a youngster with other horses.


Lorenzo was imported from NZ as a 2yo and resides at Leaning Willow Lodge. I picked Leaning Willow Lodge due to its secure set up with an onsite team and incredible facilities. They provide all I need for Lorenzo including his agistment and should he require, any additional training. It is important to me that I provide the training myself for Lorenzo. We will be following the path of in hand strengthening work and making him aware of the use of his body until he is strong enough and ready to be backed. I plan to do this by myself as well as his education under saddle. (with good experience with young horses and backing  I feel very confident that I will educate him well) It is also important to give him confidence in what will be day to day life for him in the future ie floating, leaving friends, change of routines, tying, clipping, dentistry, farrier, worming ect .

Along our journey I will also have regular lessons when needed from experts. I feel we are always learning and is great to continue obtaining knowledge and self growth.


It is important to me that Lorenzo receives Bowen as his maintenance but there is a great deal also that keeps him growing and developing as a horse. He has well maintained and tested pasture. I believe this is crucial for all horses and a custom developed diet plan supplied by Integral Equine Nutrition. This makes sure he has everything in his diet covered for his growing needs.


Lorenzo receives 6 week trims from a farrier, 6 monthly unsedated ( which has take slow patients) dentistry work. He is vaccinated and is on a Strategy worming and egg count program supplied by Easy Wormer. Hi paddock is also picked daily.


He is rugged in Bucas rugs supplied by Wilson Equestrian. I choose this rug range for its perfect fit for my boy with no restrictions or rubbing. It’s antibacterial lining means that he stays cool and warm enough with its quick drying action making my life easier with fewer rug changes knowing he is comfortable in his day to life.

Power Turnout – Classic

I believe that horses deserve the very best of our care and I very much look forward to sharing our journey together with you all.

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