Andrea – The Sand Arena Ballerina!

Christmas has been and gone and while summer is officially over the heat and humidity that leaves the air feeling like soup even into the late hours of the afternoon has continued to linger. Whilst summer was quiet on the competition front, Nonie and I have, for the most part continued to ride and train. with the relentless heat our ride times have become somewhat shorter and less frequent and have been postponed to the last moment of rideable light. My Wilson Equestrian super stick breeches have had a workout over the last three months and have held up really well.

We’ve kept busy with clinics and have made some exciting progress. In December we started work on the flying changes proper. While the likes of Charlotte and Valegro make these look easy, they are certainly a new challenge for us. That being said it’s an amazing feeling to know that Nonie and I have made it to a point where we are able to begin riding these upper level movements. Riding them at home some days they are great other days not so much. The goal at present is to get them easy and consistent enough to ride a test. We attended another clinic in February where we continued working on the changes as well as on creating more engagement and Helping Nonie to lift her neck up and out from her shoulders to create a better outline. This combined with the overall increasing difficulty of our training has greatly improved the quality of the trot and canter work.
We’ve also managed a few beach rides over Christmas. These were a great opportunity for a gallop and a relax.
I’m really excited for all that the next two months offer; another clinic with our regular coach Danielle Keogh and a trip down to the Sunshine Coast over Easter for another clinic.

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