Christan Trainor – Our Professional Rider using Wilson Equestrian Products all day every day

Recently we’ve caught up with all of our Team Riders. To see how the products are holding up, how the fit is on all of the products and what we can bring out next and improve on!


We recently caught up with our Professional Team Rider Christan Trainor who currently has over 15 horses in Full Work every day. Not only that but she uses our products on all of her own horses plus those of clients that she has in work and boy do those products get a good work out!

Here’s what Christan had to say:


Trainor Equestrian has been very busy with our young horses over the last few months. We have been concentrating on getting our 3 and 4 year olds ready to compete.

Glenhill Bounce, our imported ISH colt, competed in his first event at Equestriad, finishing in 2nd place.

We have a few dressage comps coming up, with the young ponies competing at Bowral Dressage in a few weeks and then we have a few schooling competitions coming up with the ponies, Glenhill Bounce and the 3 year olds getting out.


The Wilson Equestrian gear that we can’t do without is the Padded Breathable Brushing Boots , Wilson Equestrian Breeches , and Wilson Equestrian rugs .

We use the Brushing Boots daily, on all of our 15 horses in work (the same pair of boots on all of them). So far we have been using the same pair of boots for well over 8 months on multiple horses daily, with great performance and very little wear and tear to the boots. Most of our horse are elite dressage and eventing horses, who’s legs need proper protection and can’t be compromised.

All of the riders at Trainor Equestrian wear the Wilson Equestrian Breeches daily, working 15 horses. The breeches look like new, with no breakdown or falling apart.  I love the denim and the pink check breeches the best!


Most  of our horses here are fully clipped, and require proper warmth in the cold Southern Highlands climate. These rugs last and keep the horses warm and snug, even in the rain and wind. We are going on our second winter with the same rugs, and they look like new!

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