‘Expect a Miracle’ How I came to purchase a 4 month old Totilas Foal

‘Expect a Miracle’ Its three simple words.

My mum gave me a business card that had these three words on it and nothing else around Christmas of last year. I popped it into my purse and from time to time I see it and repeat to myself. ‘Expect a Miracle’


And so begins the story of exactly how I ended up with a 4 month old Totilas Colt.

Around late February or March of this year I decided that it would be a good idea for me to purchase my first ever Competitive Warmblood. I would commit a substantial amount of money to it and together we would go out and have heaps of fun and, well, win.

What I haven’t mentioned thus far is that in late February I was around 10 weeks pregnant. So no one except for my Husband and I knew that. I was 100% adamant that I would continue to ride my horse or any other horses that I felt safe enough to ride and no one was going to change my mind otherwise. I even checked with my OB and got the all clear!

So here’s what I did. I enrolled the help of my good friend and trainer Christan Trainor from Trainor Equestrian to help me out. We would both be on sourcing duties, looking for suitable horses anywhere in Australia to find essentially what was a Unicorn. We would try and find 3 or 4 horses to visit in one day, we would ask all the questions, the current owner would ride, Christan would ride and then provided I liked the horse and felt safe enough I would have a Walk, Trot and Canter on both reins to have a feel and make the executive decision.


Our wanted ad went something along the lines of this:


Young horse with Movement, Temperament and Trainability. Not fussed on colour, not fussed if mare or gelding.  Looking between the ages of 3 and 7. Must be broken in but can be recent. Must have video footage available if Interstate or more then a 3 hour drive from Mossvale, NSW.

Due to pregnancy we are looking for a young horse that will be trained and campaigned by a professional for 8 – 12 months before moving on to its amateur owner (me). Excellent home guaranteed.

Wanting a horse with the potential to move through to Medium / Advanced Dressage and Pre Novice Eventing.  Very reasonable budget available for the right horse.

Full Vet Check including XRays will be performed prior to purchase. Wanting blemish free with clean legs.

We are located in Sydney, however will organise interstate travel to look at horses.


Seems simple enough. Right? I thought there would be plenty of people knocking on my door, ‘I have the horse for you! Its perfect, its a done deal, come and pick it up, we are only 1 hour away from you!’

Well actually it would appear that I was grossly mistaken, and although we have now been and looked at around 10 – 15 ‘suitable’ horses, i’ve actually only gotten on 4. 2 of which unfortunately didn’t quite meet the high standards we were seeking. (Like I said, on the hunt for the Unicorn)

The other two, one is owned by Christan, the other is owned by a friend of mine. And honestly I cannot decide for the life of me which one I should purchase, because they are both wonderful! I do however finally feel like I have found the horse for me, and when I get back from my amazing last child free (ever) holiday I will make the very tough decision on the horse I will purchase. Which might I add, I have indeed spoken to my husband about and I even tried to make him pick which one I should purchase. His response being ‘I wouldn’t make you pick which engine to put in my car’, so I can’t pick which horse you should buy’ Very helpful thanks honey.

But hang on? What does all of this have to do with buying a Totilas Colt? Well, nothing! It has absolutely nothing to do with buying a Totilas Colt! None the less it is still a part of the story! So it must be told.

On with Tyson and how he came to be in my / our possession. Christan and I were on our way back from looking at some beautiful young horses and Foals. (Yes, now she also drags me half way around our beautiful country side because she knows I love looking at pretty ponies just as much as she does!)

Unfortunately one of the horses we were wanting to look at the owner was unavailable so we had some spare time in the afternoon on our way home. Jackpot! We both thought, we are going to get home before its dark! Well, that was of course until we got a phone call from a friend saying that he had another friend that was looking to sell their ‘Totilas Colt’ and would we like to go and have a look!

Totil Annihilation small

Would we like to go and look at a Totilas Colt?! Well we both looked at each other with a sparkle in our eyes. How could we say no!? The question was, would we get there before dark! The Colt was still an hour and a half drive away and it was already 3:45pm! Coming right into Sydney’s wonderful peak hour traffic.

‘We will make it’ Christan told me. She was sure of it. ‘We can only try’ came my reply. And so the journey began. Onto Pennant Hills Road (Oh how I loath this road at the best of times) you wouldn’t believe it. Clear run. Onto the M7. You wouldn’t believe it, clear run. Onto the M5. Making absolutely amazing time, you wouldn’t believe it again! Clear run!!!

I’m pretty sure we made it to see this Colt in absolute record time, and I can promise you 100% I did not speed at any point!

We had about 10 minutes of light to spare. Quick! Pull the mare and foal out of the stable and pop them in the arena! I want to see this boy move! And move he did! This little man did not fail to impress, with his floaty expressive trot and his amazing up hill canter, both Christan and I saw the same thing in this boy. He was something special. We had to have him.


But how? We spoke in the car on the way home, how could we make this happen? There had to be some serious negotiations. Funny things happen when you want something bad enough. You can often make them happen. ‘Expect a Miracle’.

By 10pm that night it was a done deal. We had come to an agreement. The Totilas Colt was to be ours. 50/50.

By 4pm then next day he was loaded on the float. He will live at Christans and grow up there. He will stay a Colt and we are hoping to breed some extremely nice foals from him one day.

Already he has been taught to lead and he is becoming a super cuddle monster, however being a Colt he has already been testing some boundaries to see what he can get away with! Luckily, I have enlisted the help of someone with much more experience with Foals, Colts and Stallions then me. I have no doubt that our boy Tyson aka Glenhill Totil will grow up to be a very well mannered boy.


I can’t wait for the day he will be broken in and we will get to ride him.


Welcome to the family Tyson! Turns out Miracles do come true!!

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