Welcome to the NEW Wilson Equestrian Website!

And we are away!


Welcome to the Brand Spanking New Wilson Equestrian Website.  It was a little harder to put together then I initially thought, and i’ve had to learn a whole new data base, but i’m getting the hang of things now and so they will only start to look better and better for the future!

So whats next for Wilson Equestrian? We have a strong base, we’ve had a fantastic start, and now we move bigger and better from here! As we speak I am expecting our first drop of Mens Polo Shirts to arrive, and just last week I had Mens Show Jackets drop on by my front door.  I do have to find the perfect ‘model’ for these as my un-horsey husband, as good looking as I think he is simply isn’t the build for an Equestrian! haha

We’ve had more colours of Show Jackets arrive and they will be added to the website shortly. And I am waiting on a delivery for Show Set Rugs, new Bling Belts (bigger sizes!) and Competition style shirts!

Its all happening here at Wilson Eq Head Quarters and I am so excited to be able to present products to you that are affordable fun and timeless!

Thank you so much for your support, it means the world to us!

Team Wilson Equestrian



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